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Healthy Man of the Month – June 2015

By on June 1, 2015

Jacques Whitfield was diagnosed with HIV at age 43, but today, due to dietary changes, exercise and adherence to his medication regimen, he is the picture of health. He is also our June Healthy Man of the Month.

“Wellness and fitness is a lifestyle for me.”

Prior to his diagnosis, Whitfield’s professional background included volunteer work in HIV/AIDS education, making him familiar with the symp- toms and treatments associated with the virus. Like most people, however, he never thought it could happen to him. Healthy and symptom-free, Whitfield went into what he calls “HIV denial,” shunning prescribed medica- tions for over a year. The wake-up call came when he learned he was responsible for infecting someone else.

Whitfield says he recognized early on that having a long and healthy life depends on the choices that we make in what we eat and don’t eat, and how we treat our bodies. Because fitness and wellness is a lifestyle, he incorporates it in every aspect of his life.

“It’s a daily commitment and a daily decision. I’ve incorporated wellness in my professional life as well. In my day job as the chief human resources officer of a community college, I’m constantly looking at employee issues and concerns through the ‘wellness lens.’ In my other job as an Herbalife health and wellness coach, I’m actively identifying ways in which I can help people live healthier and more fulfilling lives.”

He says he absolutely loves his work!

Mr. Whitfield says he works out in the gym about 4 days a week but does a fitness activity every day.

“When I was considerably younger, I was a classic “gym rat”, working out over 5 days a week and spending hours in the gym at a time.”

Now, the Californian is smarter and recognizes that wellness is 80% nutrition and about 20% physical exercise. Since he’s made this adjustment, he proclaims he’s in the best shape of my life.

Who would have thought it was possible to have a six pack after 50? So, I plan to continue with this approach to fitness for the rest of my life. And that’s why Jacques Whitfield is our Healthy Man of the Month for June 2015.