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10 Realistic Ways to Beat Anxiety

By on June 28, 2015

Childhood abuse, tornadoes, mass shootings, or abusive relationships may have your anxiety higher than usual. Anxiety is a normal part of the human condition. So, how we deal with those anxious moments is what sets an ‘episode’ apart from a full blown panic attack. Here is our increase the peace guide to help you deal with the extra stress.

  1. Take some time to assess the problem. Be aware of how you feel, changes in your emotions, and be mindful of your body and its functioning. Are you tense, irritable, fearful, or sad?

  2. If you have flashbacks, slow down, ground yourself, and notice where you are. Talk yourself through where you are and remember the flashbacks are from events in the past, not the present.

  3. Keep your head clear. Remind yourself that they are just memories and its common place to have memories of the tragedy. The intensity and severity will decrease in time.

  4. Practice slowing down your breathing, stop telling yourself negative things, and remind yourself that the thoughts and sensations will pass soon.

  5. Grief is good. Grieve the loss of loved ones or your freedom and recognize that the safety that you once enjoyed must be mourned. Acknowledge, accept, and respect your feelings.

  6. Don’t withdraw. Stay connected to your supportive family and friends. They can get you through the tough times. Also, join a support group or volunteer to help victims and their families.

  7. Keep your daily routine. Don’t break from your regular work and sleep schedule. Protect your time for relaxation and social activities. Also, stay occupied with activities such as reading, taking a class, and cooking.

  8. Take care of your mind and body. Get your sleep, maintain a healthy diet, and don’t run to alcohol or drugs to manage your symptoms.

  9. Don’t get discouraged or frustrated by slow progress. Recovery is a process and healing takes time.

  10. Seek professional help.  If your difficulties are significantly negatively affecting your usual everyday functioning, it may be time for a professional consultation.

jpeg photoSo if you find yourself with a little more anxiety, disturbing memories, or mood swings, you might want to refer back to the guide. Also, check out the Anxiety and Depression Association of America for some helpful tips and referrals.

Marcus Hummings, Psy.D. is a Licensed Psychologist at the Metropolitan Center for Psychological Services. Dr. Hummings is also a Contributor to Healthyblackmen.org.



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