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Your Guide to a Detox

By on August 17, 2015

Detoxing the body of toxins, contaminants, and heavy metals that can accumulate in joints, organs, tissues, cells, and in the bloodstream can be achieved through a diet of detoxifying foods. Cleansing your body doesn’t have to be difficult, costly or time-consuming.

With minimal effort and some simple dietary and lifestyle changes, you can help detoxify your body and start to feel better and more energized.

With this simple approach you will feel energized after a few weeks and its a simple enough approach to cleansing to continue on an ongoing daily basis.

10 Ways to Detox

1. Lemon juice supports the liver in its cleansing processes. To increase detoxification, start each morning with a warm glass of lemon water. Also at least 8-10 cups of pure water throughout the day will prevent dehydration and flush the liver and lymphatic system of waste and toxins.

2.  Eat moderate amounts of fruit. The best food to keep your colon and lymphatic system, the system that cleans your tissues cleansed and moving properly.  Fruit is one of Mother Nature’s most powerful cleansing foods. It’s best eaten on an empty stomach and in moderation if you’re trying to lose weight.

3.  Eat green leafy greens. Start lunch and dinner with a large green salad because it helps your body with the digestion, instead of depleting your body’s own supplies. Also, leafy greens like kale, spinach, chard, and other leafy greens are powerhouses of vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll (the green color in plants that also helps cleanse your blood), and many phytochemicals, plant nutrients packed with a wide variety of healing abilities.

4.  Eat a small healthy snack every 2-3 hours to stabilize blood sugar. Raw, unsalted cashews and almonds as well as bananas make the perfect blood-sugar-stabilizing snack since they are packed with fiber and protein. As an added bonus, they are rich in minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium.

5.  Avoid eating sweets, synthetic sweeteners or foods containing them during your cleanse.  Sugars depress your immune system for up to 6 hours.  Artificial sweeteners need to be processed by your liver, your body’s main detoxification organ, which takes plentiful amounts of energy.


6.  Exercise regularly. A minimum of 20 minutes of vigorous activity will get your circulation moving, improve lymph flow, and increase energy.  Your lymphatic system is like a street cleaning system within your body.  It sweeps up toxins from all your tissues.  The lymphatic system relies on exercise and deep breathing to move.

7.  Avoid margarine and foods made with hydrogenated fats or trans fats.  These toxic and unnatural foods make your body’s detox organs sluggish and require huge amounts of energy for digestion. They also lead to weight gain and many are known neurotoxins, that is, they attack the brain and nervous system, which may result in pain, inflammation, heart disease and stroke.

8.  Avoid foods that contain synthetic colors, preservatives, and other additives. The liver expends massive energy trying to process these artificial substances.

9.  Eat plenty of veggies. Cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower eaten raw, steamed, or lightly sautéed are great options.

10.  Cut back on animal protein. During your cleanse these foods tax the digestive system and can lead to mental and physical fatigue. Lean grass fed ethically raised, organic meat or poultry or wild-caught fish in small amounts are fine.




GideonWayne Fitzpatrick is a certified health coach, nutrition counselor and a natural health advocate. Get more information about his practice can be found at his website, thegideontree.com.

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  1. Dawud

    August 27, 2015 at 12:34 pm

    #1 Lemon Juice, I agree!
    Master Cleanse Secrets- Know what to do before, during and after >> http://healthfulbodydetox.com/?p=36

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