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Finally Facing the Fat

By on August 18, 2015

Fitness. Working out, training, exercise or getting into shape; whatever you call it, you are fully aware that you should be incorporating it into your lifestyle. But just like how millions ignore the health warning notice on cigarette boxes; Most of us ignore the proven fact that living an active lifestyle is good for your health.

We find excuses like a lack the time, can’t spare the money for the gym or we simply relent about being tired and unable to be bothered.

Yes this is the sad, cold truth. So go ahead pick up that cigarette, drink that beer, whilst you eat that fast food takeaway and enjoy it. For each puff, slurp and bite is saying goodbye to another day you could be spending with a loved one. Another time you could run and play with your children. Another breath you could be taking whilst engaging in a fun activity with your friends.

While fitness does not guarantee eternal life, being active will prolong your life. Allowing you to live healthier and probably live longer. Getting started is often the hardest part.

Don’t see training as just building muscles so you can look good in the mirror. See it as adding days to your life. See it as making you that bit quicker to escape deaths eventual grasp; rather than running towards it propelled by all the those unhealthy activities and foods.

Fitness doesn’t have to be strict monk like existence. But it does mean finding a balance between the good and the bad.

30 London_2012_Capital City Model PIctures
So good luck on your fitness journey. Enjoy every step of this amazing life!
Antoine Allen is a published and sponsored fitness model.  He’s also been featured in music videos, commercials, and various magazines. Mr. Allen was also our Healthy Man of the Month for February 2014. Follow him on twitter @6packworkouts.

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