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Kevin Richardson is Naturally Intense

By on November 18, 2015
Kevin Richardson photographer

Celebrity personal trainer and fitness expert, Kevin Richardson knows what it takes to naturally take your body to ‘the next level.’ Approaching 40, the Trinidadian and New Yorker walks the walk attributing his own physical prowess to intense workouts, clean eating, avoiding processed foods, dairy, salt or refined sugars.

“I don’t drink juices or alcohol of any kind, just water as I eat in very much the way that humans have eaten for the past several thousand years, modified slightly to accommodate the fact that I am well over 200 lbs with about 6% body fat.”

Founder of Naturally Intense, the personal training business involves a series of joint-safe high intensity training exercises that uses compound weight training movements to take you to the peak of your physical ability.

Each high intensity training workout is based on your individual ability and since our high intensity workouts only last 10 minutes, it’s an exercise program that anyone can realistically do.

Naturally means just that to as he also avoid supplements of any kind. ‘I, myself train for about 15 minutes a day, three days a week.’

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Richardson is an expert in all sense of the word. In fact, Naturally Intense Personal Training Services was named the 2014 Best of Manhattan Award in the Trainers category by the Manhattan Award Program.

“I spend a lot of time reading current literature, scientific research, etc. to apply to my work. I think if you build a business (in my case personal training), you must differentiate yourself by consistently doing good work, being dedicated.”

He has trained everyone from Navy Seals and actors to bodybuilders. But he says choosing a personal trainer based on the way he or she looks is ‘the worst thing you can do.’

My fitness philosophy is simple.You have to be focused and be mindful of what you eat, simple as that.

The man with the midas touch says a good personal trainer is one who can take an unmotivated person and get to achieve good results. When a client is in front of me, it’s all about them. I become who they need me to be – a motivator, a drill sergeant, whatever they need from me to reach their goals.


Walker Tisdale III interviewed Mr. Kevin Richardson exclusively for Healthyblackmen.org. You can also get his free e-book here.