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2016 Resolutions

By on January 3, 2016

Let 2016 be a year of change and improvement! Here are 8 potential resolutions that can bring long lasting positive change to your life. When making new years resolutions, think of the desired end result and the steps to achieve the end result. Don’t get overwhelmed, get determined. Here is our Positive 8 options!

  1. Get a physical exam. More men can prevent health challenges or detect them early by getting regular physical check-ups. If you don’t have health insurance, take advantage of local health fairs and free clinics. But make it a priority to know your cholesterol level, blood sugar, blood pressure and body mass.
  2. Have few sex partners. The threat of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV is greater with multiple sex partners who themselves, may have many sex partners. Reduce your risk by being more selective with sex partners, using latex condoms, and changing sexual behaviors that increase HIV risks. Prevent disease so you won’t have to manage it later.
  3. Get quality sleep. Most of us live fully in a hectic, chaotic, digital world with 24-hour media consumption. It can be hard to get enough quality sleep at night. Inadequate sleep negatively affects our health. Be intentional to ‘power down’ and rest.
  4. Reduce meat consumption. Media reports in the past few years have put a spotlight on the amount of hormones found in meat. In addition to the beef recalls, salmonella cases, etc. Increasing our consumption of vegetables and whole grains helps with weight issues but also reduces the risks of heart disease. Start with a ‘Meatless Monday.’
  5. Get Life Insurance. Whether you are married or single, life insurance coverage can help stablize family finances in case of tragic events.
  6. Become an activist. Whether it’s community advocacy, racial or social injustice, becoming part of any movement toward equity is key. Are you a member of the NAACP? The Urban League? By being active in a cause that’s meaningful, means you can build relationships, influence peers, and possibly bring about a significant change. Get involved.
  7. Network and meet new people. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and as we age, it’s harder for some to make new friends. We usually end up staying within our current social groups, missing out on opportunities for networking and having fun.
  8. Save More Money. Yes, we know it’s hard to save but in our era, the lack of job security requires future financial planning. Whether it requires you to cut back on luxuries, buy generic food items, or not upgrading your smartphone, make an effort to save 10% of your gross annual salary each year.


If you choose to pursue one or all eight of these goals for the new year, we at Healthyblackmen.org wish you success!


Walker Tisdale is the Executive Editor of Healthyblackmen.org and founder of the Health Institute for Men. He resides in metro Atlanta, GA.