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The Journey From Fear to Faith

By on January 6, 2016

Matt Talford is not only a smart brother but a fighter!

The forty-two year-old happily married man is the type of guy who gives 1000% in all he does, whether he’s serving as a medic in the military, criss-crossing the tennis court for a winning point, or battling a rare type of cancer.

Matt was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in 2011.

According to the American Cancer Society, very little is known about the causes of small intestine adenocarcinoma. In fact, many experts wonder why it’s so rare. The small intestine is the longest structure in the gastrointestinal tract, yet it has only 2% or less of the adenocarcinomas.

He says, “They ended up treating me like they would as if I had colon cancer. My tumor was isolated and so they recommended surgery. But I wanted to be in the drivers seat of my treatment. I didn’t hand over the keys and the steering wheel to the doctor.”

Talford says he treated the health news as if I was in a tennis match, having been down before in the game and came back. I thought if people saw a guy who went through this cancer battle and came out on the other side, maybe they’d be motivated to take care of their own health.

“At first, I did not plan to have the recommended surgical procedure and several people I spoke to, told me I was taking unnecessary risks, so a few months later, I ended up having a successful surgery.”

Today, Matt is healthy and happy in his life, using his professional passion in speaking and writing to help people. He’s channeled his energies into a book.

mattdtalford-photo1-300x300From Fear to Faith: A Survivor’s Story, is an inspiring tale of how one man battled courageously against unfavorable odds to overcome a rare and deadly form of cancer. Because the response has been favorable, there will be a follow-up book, it’s about how he maintains his health; “When you go through something like this, you have a bit of PTSD.”

 Matt believes deeply in staying healthy and active. “I eat healthy soups, salads. I’m a member of a yoga studio. I play tennis 3-4 days a week. I also am a member of a gym so I weight lift, calisthenics, etc.


To live life to the fullest, you have to be aware and be in charge. In my opinion, the biggest health threat facing black men is diet like diabetes, obesity, and the Big-c cancer.



Matt Talford has been married for 2o years and in addition to being an author, is a licensed real estate professional. He likes to relax by fishing, cooking, practicing yoga, playing and teaching tennis and enjoying fantasy football and video games. Follow Matt on Follow Matt on Facebook and Twitter @matdt