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HIV Treatment Works

By on January 12, 2016

It’s time to expand the HIV/AIDS fight from prevention to more about care, and living well. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced it’s first national communication campaign focused exclusively on encouraging treatment and care for people living with HIV.

The HIV Treatment Works campaign encourages people living with HIV to Get in CareStay in Care and Live Well. Here is an example.

According to the CDC, to protect your sexual partners, talk about your HIV status and take steps to protect your health and your partners’ health.

The following can reduce your risk of transmitting HIV:


The campaign features people living with HIV talking about how sticking with care and treatment helps them stay healthy and protect others. They also discuss some of the obstacles they have experienced getting into HIV care and staying on treatment and how they overcame these obstacles, offering valuable advice to others living with HIV.

Project Inform is a National HIV/AIDS Treatment Info-line offering confidential treatment information. Call 1-800-822-7422 toll free, Monday thru Thursday for more information.



Content for this article provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and AIDS.gov.