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Beware of Fitness Fads

By on January 13, 2016

OrgetIt’s the start of a new year, and losing weight and getting in shape are a top priority. Many people will try a popular diet or exercise program they’ve seen on social media. Many fitness plans are touted as “new” or “revolutionary” and guarantee results, but if history repeats itself, we’ll look back and  see many fell short.

For example, remember  The Bodyblade, Ab Rocket, Hawaii Chair, Thigh Master and Shake Weight were once considered great pieces of fitness equipment.

The Lucky Strike Cigarette Diet of 1920 was an advertising campaign aimed at women. It cited nicotine’s alleged weight-loss properties to make it more acceptable for women to smoke.

The Drinking Man’s Diet was created in 1964 by Robert Cameron. Dieters were encouraged to eat steaks, cheeses and other fatty foods. The plan also encouraged drinking as much hard liquor as possible because it contained only trace amounts of carbohydrates.

Today, we can look back and see which products and diet plans were frauds. What was popular in years past may be considered strange, hilarious, or downright dangerous today. Instead of getting people in shape, these products were better designed to make someone else rich instead. The same may be said of today’s products.

Fitness Fads of 2015

Waist trainers. The idea here is to wrap your waist tightly to create an hourglass shape. Many experts agree that the “shrinkage” of the waist is only temporary.

Herbalife. The FDA asked Herbalife to stop airing a video giving the false impression that its weight-loss shakes and other products had their approval. In a letter sent to Herbalife CEO Michael Johnson, the FDA said “The agency has no oversight over natural dietary supplements.” Consumeraffairs.com has documented numerous complaints from users who reported feeling ill while taking the products. Many have also questioned if this is a pyramid scheme.

BeachBody. Complaints have been made accusing them of credit card fraud, unauthorized credit card charges and being a pyramid scheme.

Lipozene. Users of Lipozene have complained about a variety of side effects including diarrhea, stomach pains, allergic reactions, and changes in blood sugar.

Before you try a new product, ask yourself; Will this be here 5 years from now?

Fitness fads and products come and go, but our bodies have remained the same. The best way to get the body you want is the same as it was for our grandparents: Eating a healthy diet and getting plenty exercise.

Buyer beware! Relying on the latest diet or fitness trend may be a waste of your time and money.


Jeff White is a AFPA Licensed and Certified Personal Trainer, Author and Wellness Coach. He resides in Florida.