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Healthy Man of the Month Lincoln Webley

By on February 1, 2016

Lincoln Webley is not your typical 48 year-old IT professional. He’s also a sought-after training coach for those seeking a fitness title.  The youngest of seven children from a traditional Jamaican family, he now resides in the United Kingdom. He’s also our February Healthy Man of the Month.

“Since I was much younger, I’ve always wanted to go to the gym but I put it off. I got into learning kung-fu. When I’d go to the gym, and I would see guys training, I immediately wanted to do that. But for me, my path was with martial arts.”

Lincoln credits his own trainer and mentor Kimberly Jones when he did hit the gym in his late 30’s. He says he struggled a bit at first because of lack of will power.

It’s been a long time since anyone has charged Lincoln with a lack of will power. A pivotal point was when he stopped drinking alcohol several years ago.

“I’m always aware of my presence, I represent the bodybuilding and fitness world. I carry it through my whole life in my family, among my friends, my work, etc. I believe you must be body aware but also self-aware.”



The UK fitness expert says he’s seen just about everything when it comes to working out.

“I see people trying too hard when they first start a gym workout. If you are just learning to drive, I don’t expect someone to take a Ferrari out at a race track first off. You’ve got to pace yourself.”


If you experience a pushy personal trainer, Webley says you’ve got to be comfortable and you don’t want to be in pain. Pain in a indication of something is not right! And when it comes to food choices, Lincoln says ‘look at what you’re consuming,’ reduce food consumption – not to starve but to sustain you for the day.

He says way too many of us eat too large a portion size at meal time. But eating too much is not the biggest threat to Black men from his perspective.


“I think the biggest health threat to black men is a lack of personal responsibility. I’m a father of a 26 year old son. When it comes to condoms, men should be take more responsibility. Sexually transmitted infections are the biggest threat. And I also think mental health is second.”



Photo Credit: Nathan Bartlett