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‘Just Keep Moving’

By on February 26, 2016

Carrye Brown earned her retirement after more than 30 years in the workforce but decided to answer the call when DC Mayor Muriel Bowser challenged her city to get fit by walking a billion steps!

Ms. Brown says she wanted to be part of the health initiative as a FitDC coach Bowser’s to encourage healthy lifestyles by making fitness fun and attainable at all ability levels and ages. Representing Ward 4, Ms. Brown says she tells folks, “Do what your body can do, just keep it moving.”

Like millions of Americans, she says consistent exercise and staying fit wasn’t always easy. Her own fitness journey began in 2002 when teaching a physical education class at The Kingsbury Day School in Northwest D.C. “I turned to my mother, a veteran physical education teacher, who encouraged me to make physical fitness fun and attainable at any ability level and age.”

That’s literally when the action steps were put in motion to reduce the 180+ pounds from her 5 foot 3 inch frame.

“I started with small steps, I got a tracker and started walking 10,000 steps a week. Then I got focused on what I was eating and a African cooking class taught me how our ancestors ate a more plant-based diet and that was very helpful to me.”

As a FitDC Coach, Ms. Brown aims to inspire her fellow Washingtonians, coming from a place of respect or encouragement.

“I focus on the recreational centers, as many of the residents are on fixed incomes and they rely on the free center. Some of the activities we do include pickle-ball, swimming in the warm weather months, and low impact aerobic programs.”


This is also very personal for Carrye Brown because about three years ago, her mom, a former high school physical education teacher died. She was in her late 80’s and had symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Brown says, “my mother was an inspiration to the rest of us because she stayed fit, active, and ate healthy and that was a model for the rest of us and her life inspired me to do something.”

And the results show real personal and community progress. Brown says she’s seeing more ward residents come out to participate and even bring friends. And she says, “my own blood sugar is under control now for the last year because of the exercise and better eating habits, my blood pressure is also much better.”

For more information on the FitDC program, click here. 



Walker Tisdale is the Executive Editor of Healthyblackmen.org and resides in Atlanta, GA.