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‘Before I Forget’ is Unforgettable

By on March 22, 2016

Dan Gasby and B. Smith are the original power couple!

She, a wildly successful restaurateur, magazine publisher, celebrity chef, and nationally known lifestyle maven. and her husband of more than 22 years, a television media sales executive, television producer, co-founder of the B. Smith retail brand; Both have a new unsolicited title. Alzheimer’s patient and caregiver.

Just over four years ago, B. Smith, was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Life changed.

Dan says there were signs leading up to B.’s diagnosis—signs we desperately tried to ignore. Always an effortless chef, B. had begun taking a little longer to put our meals together. Known for her punctuality, B. was also beginning to have trouble getting out the door on time.

“Since B.’s diagnosis, our life together has changed in many ways. Her independence—one of the things I’ve always loved and admired about her—has begun to wane. And as B.’s symptoms have worsened, I’ve become both her husband and her primary caregiver.”

True to form, Dan and B. has reinvented adversity into opportunity and empowerment. Their new book, ‘Before I Forget’ is already on the New York Times Bestseller List.

“B. has always been about bringing people together. We’re creating a movement and sharing a powerful message. We want people to come out support because the brain you save may be your own.” He adds, “We’re going to take it to one city at a time.”

“Alzheimer’s is something that if we don’t get handle on, it will cost society in time and treasure. It threatens African Americans and we need to know more about because it doesn’t know any color or income status, and can threaten anyone. I think it’s a universal problem and our country was built on the belief of doing big things…and we can do big things to find a cure.”


Sustaining this strong couple in part is their strong faith. Dan says, “Christ is in our life, it helps us. We are religious and we celebrate the Lord Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior;” The most God like thing to do is to make life better for others, even if not for just yourself.

Check out the latest with Dan Gasby and B. Smith by clicking here.  The book tour comes to Barnes and Noble in Buckhead Atlanta, GA February 25 at 7pm EST.