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Your Fitness & Travel Schedule

By on April 19, 2016
Vacation Fitness

The majority of my health blogs and topics manifest from running usually while I’m traveling. For instance, I recently went on a peaceful 3-mile run along San Antonio’s beautiful River Walk on a clear and sunny day and wondered how many fellow fitness companions were local in comparison to visitors on business or pleasure. I was in town for work but certainly wasn’t going to let that stop me from energizing my physique and strengthening my heart. Here are a few ideas or pointers to keep you focused on the go whether it’s a pleasure vacation or hectic work trip.

If you already have a penchant for burning calories, staying trim then exercising on the road is already ingrained. For those who find it challenging, you simply need to put more thought and energy into the task at hand. Even the most dedicated fitness buff can let go too much and leave home without it. Yes, “it” represents your gear!

First, when packing, include running shoes, shorts, socks and a shirt. You may also need a phone sleeve, headband, spandex shorts and gloves like myself. Pack two sets of apparel if you are away for two to three days. Include an additional set if your stay is longer than three days. Make sure to choose dry sweat clothes like Nike’s Dry-Fit line so you can wash and dry quickly in the bathroom sink or re-pack them dry opposed to damp.

I also wear one of my fitness outfits on the plane. This not only offers the ability to travel with additional items, but also keeps me comfortable and psychologically ready to hit the ground running. Literally! I may land at 2pm and have a scheduled 5pm meet-n-greet to attend before a 7pm dinner. After settling down at the hotel I’m left with a whopping two hours to run, swim, bike or hit the gym. Even if it’s just for 30 minutes your body and mind will thank you for the activity. Some of my most brilliant concepts and solutions have come while I was out running. Plus, your associates will be envious when they ask what you did that afternoon.

“Oh, nothing much. I just went for an hour bike ride around the lake.” Trust me, I’ve been in this position hundreds of times!


The other advantages of wearing brands like New Balance, Brooks, Saucony or Asics athletic kicks in the airport is that you can move quicker from terminal to terminal and choose the stairs over escalators. Both Washington Dulles and Las Vegas airports have an impeccable set of steps that are sure to speed up your heart rate, which equates to caloric burn.

Sometimes I’m so energized that I sprint to the top with my suitcase in hand. It feels so good and you never know who you may influence. There were many times when I was about to skip the hard work until I saw another traveller taking my prescribed route. So of course that kept me inspired to follow my own guidelines. How about that!?


The next habit you want to strengthen is putting your workout sessions on the itinerary or calendar. This way your plan becomes fail proof. Let’s say breakfast is at 8am, meetings begin at 9:30am, lunch is at 12pm and the event concludes at 4pm. Then you have a 6pm happy hour and 7:30pm dinner. Well, you can either schedule the workout at 6am or at 4:30pm. Either way you are prepping your mind to be on time for physical engagement. At the end of the day it is just as important (more so in my book) than any work assignment. What’s the point in accumulating all that wealth if you do not have perfect health and longevity to enjoy it?

If the travel is for leisure then of course there are no excuses. This is the time to actually put in more fitness work because you have the spare hours. For example, I may be heading to Jamaica, Miami or London with friends, but best believe every day of that trip I’m going to rise with the sun and hit it hard. As I always say, vacation is to relax the mind, not the body.


Lastly, organize a group of work buddies to assemble for a workout opposed to meeting at the bar. Each person will certainly hold themselves accountable. Remember, stay fit, eat clean and continue to energize your life.


Kimatni D. Rawlins is a content Contributor and can be reached @FitFathers. Visit Fitfathers.com for more fitness information.