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Philly HIV Vaccine Conf.

By on April 21, 2016

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day (HVAD) is observed annually on May 18th. This observance provides an opportunity to recognize and thank the many volunteers, community members, health professionals, and scientists who are working together to find a safe and effective preventive HIV vaccine. It is also a day to educate communities across the nation about the importance of preventive HIV vaccine research.

15th Annual Conference on HIV Vaccines & Therapeutics December 08-09, 2016 Philadelphia, USA

OMICS International Conferences invites all the participants from all over the world to attend “15th Annual Conference on  HIV Vaccines & Therapeutics” during December 08-09, 2016 Philadelphia, USA  which includes prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations and Exhibitions.

Track 1: Preventive HIV Vaccines:

Preventive HIV vaccines are designed to protect HIV negative people from becoming infected or getting sick. Although there is currently no vaccine to prevent HIV, researchers are developing and testing potential HIV vaccines. The goal is to develop a vaccine that can protect people from HIV infection, or at least lessen the chance of getting HIV or AIDS should a person be exposed to the virus.


When your body encounters a microorganism, your immune system mounts an attack on the invader. After the microorganism is defeated, your immune system continues to “remember” how to quickly beat the invader should it try to infect you again.

A vaccine is designed to resemble a real microorganism.

The vaccine trains your immune system to recognize and attack the real microorganism should you ever encounter it. If you’ve received an effective vaccine, your immune system will “remember” how to quickly attack and defeat a particular microorganism for many years.

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