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Signs Your Mate Is Over You

By on May 2, 2016

While the healthiest couples have chemistry, relationships are not scientific! There are thousands of reasons why individuals who  come together, one day want out. Here are some common and uncommon signs your significant other is over you. Keep in mind, this is unscientific. If you observe any of these scenarios in your relationship, investigate, a serious talk may be in order.

Sensitivity Shift. There are some who are extremely sensitive to their mate and others need coaching but if you see a subtle-to-not-so-subtle shift in your loved one’s interest in you, your well-being, and your family. This can be troublesome. Does he/she forget to ask about your day? Are they less interested in your interests? In short, do they seem less kind to you?

Sad Sex Life. Is your mate still in to you? Has your sex life lost its zip and zing in the absence of a health or emotional issue (e.g. grief)? Have you noticed a decrease in your mate’s interest in sex or even a change in sexual behavior? Is sex less frequent and less fulfilling? Find out why.

Me, me, me. Are you seeing and experiencing a social withdrawal from your mate? Does the person seem to want to spend more time away from you and with others? If the occasional “me time” becomes the “me, me, me time” then consider the person may be losing interest in your company and ultimately you.


What the Hell? Typically people incite arguments, petty arguments with a mate to purposely disrupt harmony as a means to end a relationship. Sometimes the person, who wants out, hopes their partner will want to end it just to halt the drama, relieving them of the bad guy/girl rap. A trend of one person igniting arguments out of the blue versus discussing them and solutions is a tell-tale sign of trouble.

They Tell You. Believe a mate when he or she tells you they are unhappy and want to end a relationship. Often times, people preparing to leave a relationship have considered it for a time before verbalizing. Avoid trying to “convince someone to stay” if they are telling you they want to go. It’s not a great foundation for any relationship.

I’m the Decider. Couples typically share in the decision-making process, no matter how big or small. If your mate is suddenly making decisions that impact you both (e.g. home, finances, his/her personal time, etc.) without your input it can mean your input no longer carries value. Take note if your partner justifies the exclusion.

Family Couple

Overall, it’s never a good time when a loved one no longer wants to be with you. It’s important to be honest with yourself and confront concerns directly and promptly.

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