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Gabriel Sey, Healthy Man of the Month

By on May 3, 2016

Bodybuilder and fitness entrepreneur, Gabriel Sey is making a name for himself and his Fearless Fitness Academy in the UK and the United States.  And as a Fitness Youtuber, Online Coach, Bodybuilding Coach, Personal Trainer, & Entrepreneur.

More than a decade of fitness, bodybuilding expertise, Gabriel Sey is our Healthy Man of the Month for May 2016.

HBM: How did you get started in bodybuilding and personal training?

Sey: That’s a funny story. I had always been training for American Football as that was my main sport, but with getting frequent concussions I started to think about retiring. Then in December 2014 Yvette Shaw (a female bodybuilder) asked me if I had ever thought about bodybuilding. She said my physique was close to what they would look for anyway That day I searched the internet for a show and a UK amateur show called Miami Pro. I signed up that day, designed my diet and the rest is history.

HBM: What is unique about the Fearless Academy?

Sey: We originally launched with the intention of opening what I still think would be THE most unique training complex in the UK called the Fearless Academy. The first step was to gain industry knowledge and experience so I began to do Personal Training. Whilst doing this I tried my hand at coaching people online and had amazing success with everyday gym goers to Elite competitors.

We realized anyone can give a “training plan” or a “diet plan,” so we focus on the mindset of execution, and knowledge. The more you understand, the smoother the process. This builds a closer relationship with all our clients allowing them to reach their goals.


HBM: How has bodybuilding changed from when you began?

Sey: In my honest opinion, I love the fact that so many people are realizing the benefits of weight training and bodybuilding but it is fast becoming a fashion trend with any and everybody wanting to “compete.”

HBM: Tell me about your workout routine. What are your food staples and what do you avoid most of the time?

Sey: We have our young son, but I train 5 times per week. I cover the whole body, split over the days and also hit the sprint track a couple times per week for some speed, agility and plyometric drills.

With food, I like to keep things simple, if it is too complicated it’s so easy to say “ah forget it” lol. So I have mainly chicken, beef, fish and a good protein powder and I usually stick to rice or potatoes for my carbohydrates with a decent amount of Vegetables. Also, I am not competing at present, nothing is off limits, haha… I’m just sensible about the treats I have.


HBM: If not bodybuilding, what else would you be doing?

Sey: That’s such an awesome question because someone asked me this the other day, and to be honest. I haven’t got a clue, lol, as American Football is no longer an option for me. The gym and sport has always been a great outlet for me for stress, anger, and general enjoyment… It’s my sanctuary. A home away from home, so I guess my answer to that is… I have no Idea.



Walker Tisdale III is the Executive Editor of Healthyblackmen.org.