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Take the Fit Fathers Day Pledge

By on June 1, 2016

Kimatni Rawlins is the proud father of two young girls. As the founder Fit Fathers, he inspires other men to lead the charge in prioritizing healthier eating and exercise to enhance the lives of themselves and their families. Because of his tireless efforts and ‘can-do’ attitude, he is our June 2016, Healthy Man of the Month.

Fit Fathers is a non-profit that educates and activates through engaging information on positive health, fitness tips and guidelines, nourishment strategies and overall wellness. Dads who exercise consistently, eat well and energize their physique can live longer and live stronger.

“Fit Fathers Day is our annual celebration of life which now takes place nationally in twelve cities.”

Now in its 3rd year, Fit Fathers Day, is a free family event that provides dads with the tools needed to engage their family in fitness, positive wellness and healthy living, while rejoicing the true meaning of fatherhood.

We want families to focus on healthful tactics to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday June 19th. It starts with dads on Father’s Day taking the pledge and following simple steps to wellness. You can also take the Fit Fathers Day pledge by clicking here.

“For example, I pledge to visit my doctor routinely for various screenings or I pledge to go walking with my kids twice a week.”

Remember, exercise and healthy eating saves generations. So organize a group ride, run, walk, hike, etc. We also want people to begin consuming foods that increase vitamin, mineral and nutrient intake. Sickness and chronic disease are more prevalent than ever, which is why “now” is prime time to finally say no to destructive eating habits and become more proactive with your kid’s diets. Begin swapping chips, cookies and sodas with fruits and smoothies.

For Kimatni, Fit Fathers is personal and physical activity is part of his DNA.


“I was a NJ group champ in 1992 in the 110-hurdles relay, long jump, ran every sprint race, played (still play basketball) and received a scholarship to play football first at NC State. So physical activity is in my blood. But I did lost my way and fell into the pleasure trap for ten years. At age 35 I said no more! With two strong daughter who are also now super active I founded Fit Fathers.”

Fathers are one of Earth’s most important treasures, impact lives and reshape cognitive thought to what our children think is important in life. Fathers lead, teach, protect, discipline and set forth strategies that enhance the welfare of daughters and sons. I believe that fitness and nutrition fuel positive health habits for both myself and the family.

“I’m 42 and can run marathons, bike long distances and host group workouts for those seeking to extend and purify their quality of life. It’s an amazing feeling.”


Awareness of chronic disease causation, daily exercise and positive habits are becoming more apparent as degeneration of the body is striking faster due to S.A.D (Standard American Diet), lethargic attitudes and overwhelming work schedules. So as a people we must continue to eat clean, stay active and energize our lives daily.