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1 Man, 2 Half Marathons

By on June 11, 2016
Sometimes you have to test your limits.
That’s what this running thing is really all about, right?  After conquering a full marathon earlier this month,… I went ahead with plans to run two half marathons in one weekend. A lot of things could go wrong. But we don’t focus in the negative, we expect and plan for the positive.
Let’s focus on the half marathon weekend madness, the marathon weekend, the running tour of Tennessee, The Jekyll and Hyde Race weekend challenge.
The races were Saturday, April 30th at the Rock n Roll in Nashville and Sunday, May 1st for the 13.1 race in Knoxville. It was the same distance, similar terrain but very different experiences. That’s why I call it the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde weekend challenge.
While the Rock n Roll series has become a mega event with thousands of runners, road closures, parking and traffic headaches… The race 13.1 series is the calm opposite. You can pick your packet up 30 minutes before the starting horn sounds. Sunday, I got mine 15 minutes before the start, but who’s counting.
More than 18,000 people ran the half marathon , 3,100 ran the 5k and 2,900 ran the marathon. That’s A LOT OF PEOPLE!!!
Maybe I didn’t put myself in the proper coral, but I found myself always behind a slower group of runners. I’m pretty sure people started walking after the first mile. I love seeing friends run together– as long as I can get around them when I need to. It was very hard to maintain a pace. I didn’t get into a running groove until way too late. I loved hills,… So I’m not going to complain about that. They presented a great challenge.
Jason Knight is an avid runner and blogger at jayknightlife.com . This post reprinted with permission. Tweet him @JayKnightPhotos.