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Bobby Holmes is a Strong Black Man

By on June 29, 2016

Bobby Marvin Holmes is a youth mentor, filmmaker, and author. Most of all he’s a devoted dad!

But that wasn’t always the case for the man who became a dad at age seventeen.

“I had an on-again, off-again relationship with my daughters’ mother until about 2005, when I became a single father.” Understanding the impact of an absentee father, he says, “You want to destroy a black boy, take away his father. His whole world will shatter.”

Holmes recalls the impact of his own parents splitting up at the tender age of three. And his own dad’s inconsistent presence in his life due to incarceration. Today he’s a married man with two girls residing in Baltimore.

“In 2003-4 I started working as a substitute techer and it was my first time working with youth. I was young, inexperienced. I was a longterm substitute teacher. And later, I worked with adjudicated youth. I just wanted to help any way I could.”

But Holmes will tell you, he wanted to work in journalism. So he combined both passions and founded Son of a Dream, LLC. This allows him to offer workshops and multimedia resources focused on youth development, family strengthening, and social justice.  Son of a Dream’s current works include children’s books, Casey’s Day with DaddyFor Him I Will and theYoung Blood documentary series.

Since 2004, Bobby Marvin Holmes has taught and mentored youth in juvenile treatment centers and public classrooms. He is a culturally competent professional with a married skill set in youth development and media which equips him to engage on various levels.

And he strongly believes, “The only one to save a black boy is a black man. I believe that we have come to a point in the black community where the major issues are gang violence, bullying, drugs, etc. There are more challenges that exist for sure.”

The concern for Black youth is real for Holmes and he challenges adults to do more, “Adults are not taking the time out to hear our youth out. To hear their pain, concerns, etc. Our Black youth are dealing with major emotional stress, and issues that create a monster because its allowed to build up.”

Casey’s Day with Daddy is a family affair as Holmes’ brother is the illustrator. The engaging book tells the tale of little Casey who is excited to spend time with her Daddy. Throughout her day she learns important lessons on self-worth, love and culture.




Bobby Marvin Holmes is Founder of Son of a Dream. He and his family reside in Baltimore, MD.