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Healthy Man of the Month – August 2016

By on August 1, 2016

There are more than 120,000 people awaiting a life-saving organ transplant everyday in the United States. Sadly so far this year, there’s less than 10,000 donors. The number of people awaiting a lifesaving transplant is staggering.

Andrew Jones is one of those people. He’s a beast of nature who simply refuses to sit still. Pure inspiration, He’s our August Healthy Man of the Month.

“You have to take it day by and day and do whatever you can. I see the glass half full. I have a lot of support.”

Hospitalized for months waiting for a heart transplant, he himself, was inspired by people who had returned to normal lives after going through the same challenges he faced. Andrew known as AJ to his friends on and offline also learned of the ones who didn’t survive due to a lack of organs available for transplant. By founding Hearts at Large, Andrew seeks to encourage millions to register as organ, eye and tissue donors, to one day put an end to the transplant waiting list.

It’s very easy. Click here for details. 

By all accounts AJ is a force of a nature. He’s an entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, motivational speaker, YouTube Producer and model. He currently serves as the president of The Hearts at Large Foundation and is the owner of the fitness brand “AJFitness.” He received his bachelors in communications from the University of New Haven and will be pursuing his MBA soon.

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In 2015, AJ was admitted to Hartford Hospital to await a Heart Transplant due to end-stage heart failure caused by a cardiomyopathy. He lived in the ICU for over four months. During his extended stay as an inpatient, Andrew raised over $10,000 from his hospital bed to establish the Hearts at Large Foundation. Unfortunately as a result of his deteriorating condition, AJ was fitted with Heartware’s LVAD artificial heart (Left ventricular assist device) to keep him alive and serve as a bridge to transplant.


Along with returning to the gym to rebuild his physique, part of Andrew’s mission is to prove to himself and others that success is not insurmountable during any time of adversity. He plans to do this by promoting his story and his initiative to save lives through Hearts at Large and AJFitness.

Follow AJ on Twitter @FitnessWithAJ and be sure to spread the word about organ donation. Consider it for yourself. You could save one or more lives.