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Do I Need Therapy?

By on August 8, 2016

Historically black men do not engage in mental health counseling at the same rate as women. Whether due to access, stigma, machismo, men of color typically do not seek outside professional help for a mental health stressor. And that could explain why the rates of alcoholism, drug addiction, violence, sexual risk-taking, etc. are also so prevalent among black men.

So taking the time to see a mental health professional when one is depressed, anxious, or simply “going through some heavy drama” could also have a positive impact in other areas.

There is a school of thought that also notes that men of color typically don’t  talk about the emotional issues as women often do with one another, whether a bad break-up, a death, or feelings of inadequacy.

Rates of suicide among black men have been increasing in the last decade and this is further evidence that therapy may have a positive role in your life. And if you know a black man who might benefit, take a risk and let him know you care by encouraging him to seek help.


What to Expect?

  • A good therapist will have clear boundaries, be ethical, and treat you with respect.
  • Your first session helps you to decide whether therapy will be useful to you.
  • During this session, the therapist should begin an assessment. The assessment might be done by using a series of questions and answers.
  • Therapy should help you solve problems. It can also help you change some of the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors you want to change.

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