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After Sex

By on September 10, 2016

It’s a stereotype but many people often fall asleep right after sex, whether it’s from physical exhaustion or just habit. It happens. But a new study  says if you have a tendency to fall asleep on your partner after sex it may be a non-conscious way to block any commitment conversation.

Lead author Daniel Kruger of the University of Michigan and Susan Hughes of Albright College in Pennsylvania, said the tendency to fall asleep first after sex is associated with greater partner desire for bonding and affection.

“The more one’s partner was likely to fall asleep after sex, the stronger the desire for bonding,” Kruger said in a prepared statement.

The study, published in the Journal of Social, Evolutionary and Cultural Psychology, examined 456 participants, who completed anonymous online surveys assessing experiences and desires after sex with partners. Participants then indicated “who falls asleep after sex?” and “who falls asleep first when going to bed not after sex?”

Participants’ desires for partner expressions of emotional bonding, physical affection and communication were higher when their partners had greater tendencies to fall asleep first after sex, the researchers said. This could reveal alot to couples who are still sexually connected but emotionally not as much. Like anything regarding the health of your relationship, it’s important to discuss it or talk to a professional.

Lastly, the researchers found despite the common stereotype, it was not more common for men to fall asleep first after sex. Women, however, were more likely than men to fall asleep first if sex hadn’t taken place.

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