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Body by Tim, But Blessed by GOD

By on September 11, 2016

Timothy Richardson has achieved more in his 23 years than most in his peer group. The model and personal trainer hails from from Orlando, Florida and recently graduated from the University of Miami. And like any true Bahamian, he’s the first to give credit to God and his fearless mother!

“When I was 12 years old, I was much smaller and got tired of being pushed around. I was about 5’6 and it was my mom who got me a workout machine. I just dedicated myself and finally, I growth spurt. I’m stand 6ft now.”

So what does a young, handsome, chiseled guy do? Enter modeling. But Timothy is not your typical model.

“My mom challenged me to not let modeling go to my head. My mom really does not accept any nonsense at all. She influenced me to look at the art of modeling. My mom has always been at the forefront of every endeavor. My mom is everything. She had to be. I lost my dad at an early age – he had high blood pressure.”

Growing up in a house with a correctional officer for a mother and a natural sense of purpose. Timothy or Tim to his friends was bound to be an achiever. He’s also the first in his family to graduate from college. Not an easy task by any stretch.

Our Healthy Man of the Month earns his title with 150 push-ups a day – thank you very much! But he’s an avid reader who connects with the life of Malcolm X after reading his autobiography; “I like how he used books to his way to freedom. I am a very morally in tact person – the river runs deep inside me and I literally wake up everyday driven.”


Richardson calls himself obsessive with a relentless work ethic but acknowledges that many brothers struggle with good health.

“I think we [Black Men] are a threat to ourselves at times and the other has to be food. Sometimes attitudes, being tough, stubborn keeps men from doing the best they can do for their own health. The other is food. I had a client I was training who absolutely didn’t want to give up his McDonald’s. It was serious for him. We had to reframe the calories of the McDonald’s options. Like,we looked at taking off the cheese from the Big Mac, reducing the frequency, and therefore there’s no need to be guilty about it.”


Talking to Tim, you learn quickly he’s motivated family to succeed. In fact, his energy is so infectious you can easily envision him as the future motivational speaker he aspires to be. That love of helping people physically transform their lives lends itself to helping others reach other life goals.

Tim Richardson’s laser focus on contributing positively to the world is based on a simple concept.


“God put you on this earth for service; God has blessed me!”


You can connect with Timothy Richardson @Timothyrich22, he resides in the state of Florida.

Walker Tisdale is the Executive Editor of Healthyblackmen.org