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The Next 30 Days of Fitness

By on October 5, 2016

Starting the next phase of your weight loss regimen is a piece of cake, a piece of rice cake that is.

We all know that starting something is one of the hardest things to do so kudos for sticking out the first month of your new fitness routine. Keep it up!

By following the first month guidance, chances are that you loss a little weight, slept better, gained more energy and became more focused at work. In addition to that I know you learned a lot about yourself. Now your focus should be on what worked and what did not. The best thing is to plug it into your calendar. By doing that you see it as a commitment instead of an option. We live in an increasingly busy world and scheduling exercise or physical fitness activities into your daily schedule is critical to making them a habit.

Your food choices are the next area that require special attention. Build upon the successes. Don’t wait until the last minute for meal preparation, it’ll likely detour you into fast-food and fattening food options. Decide at the grocery store what foods will get you closer to your goals. Buy those foods and less of the high fat, high sugar foods that undermine your fitness goals. Food planning takes so much stress of your mind and frees up time to get other things done. And in my experience doing the majority of your food prep on the weekends makes life much easier if you are a busy person.

Our environment is a big factor when it comes to our health status.


If you know that after work Krispy Kreme calls out your name then you may have to start driving a different route home, keeping snacks in your car, eating before leaving work, etc to decrease your risk of randomly coming home with a dozen. You have to plan what you are taking out of your environment but also what you can add to your environment in order to help your odds.

So for the next 30 days or so, it’s time to dedicate yourself to your fitness goals. Commit to your nutrition and new healthy eating habits by talking about the milestones with supporters in your network.

You can do it!




M.Brandon Howard is a ACE Health Coach, Therapuetic Exercise Specialist, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. He’s also a Contributor to Healthyblackmen.org.