Better Push-Ups with Tyson Beckford

Male supermodel Tyson Beckford has a new offering for fitness buffs, and it’s called the Beckford Bar. It will change the way you do push-ups.

The Beckford Bar is a lightweight, more efficient way to do push-ups. A sleek design, it focuses on the center region of the chest, but also builds your back, abs, traps, forearms, biceps, triceps, and core (abs).

“I work out twice a day. Each of those work out consists of 100 push ups. By replacing those standard push ups with 50 Beckford Bars I felt way more of a burn.”

Utilizing your entire upper body to do controlled movement maximizes efficiency beyond any other product available.

“I am telling you this is an extremely effective tool to add to your arsenal. If you’re willing to eat right, and put in the hours, then the Beckford Bar can help you get the body you’ve always wanted.”

Eating right is key as Beckford says, “too many of us from communities of color consume too much sugar and fried foods. I’m Jamaican and there’s a lot of good food I only eat in moderation.”


Eating in a balanced way is a habit the forty-five year old dad passes down to his teenage son.

“When my son was young, I got him used to eating vegetables by having at least a salad with dinner. I pushed it constantly, to the point where if I forget to serve salad, he asks me about it. Now he’s reminding me. I love it.”


The Beckford Bar is the result of reverse engineering the human body to unlock the most efficient way to keep in optimum shape. It took about five years to develop and recently introduced at the Los Angeles Fitness Expo. Beckford has also hinted there are other fitness products coming down the pipeline.


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