Safely Lose 25lbs in 30 Days

So the summer is here and you are still struggling to lose weight. No worries. Here are four concrete steps to help you drop up to 25lbs in 30-days. Be prepared to work for it, there are no shortcuts. And before you start any weight loss regimen, talk to your doctor about your plans. Be smart.

Step 1

Any meaningful weight loss requires cardiovascular training as it will increase your heart rate and therefore your metabolism. If you are not a natural runner, begin walking, then a mix of running and walking, then jogging at least 4x a week. Choose an activity that will challenge you and get results like bicycling, swimming, roller blading, etc. Set weekly distance goals that allow your heart rate to be elevated for at least thirty minutes a session.   Do this five times per week since your are trying to lose 25 lbs. in one month.

Step 2

Watch what you put in your mouth. This includes beverages and food. Alcohol, sodas (even some diet drinks) are high in sugar and calories. Don’t drink all of your nutrients. Make healthy choices when eating. Eliminate fried foods, sugary candies, pasta, white bread, and junk foods. Transition to a diet free of red meat and pork, substituting for fish, tofu, and skinless chicken. Eat fresh vegetables and fresh fruit every day. Eliminate all alcohol and desserts.

Step 3

Water consumption is going to be your friend as you drop the fat. Drink a half gallon to one full gallon of water every day. Water helps regulate the metabolism, supports muscle performance, and is a natural lubricant for the body while exercising. Make it a habit to drink adequate amounts of water so the body get rid of toxins. You should see results by week two.

Senior Man in Exercise Room

Step 4

Integrate strength-training exercises at home or at the gym. It will help you gain strength, and cut fat from your body. Be sure to get assistance from a personal trainer, share your goals to get proper form down. It’s not ideal to lift free weights unless you have a training partner to spot you.

Remember weight loss is not about going on fad diets or restricting the appetite. Not everyone can or should lose that much weight in a month, and if you are not careful, rapid weight loss can do more harm than good. So again, before you start any weight loss regimen, consult a doctor. If you are morbidly obese, it’s critical to know your numbers (e.g. heart rate, blood sugar, fat percentage, etc.).

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