Your ‘Mental’ Endurance

Dr. Cory Nyamora is a licensed clinical psychologist and a certified USA Triathlon coach and USA Track and Field coach. Born and raised in Kenya, he’s lived in the USA since 1993, receiving a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology (Alliant International University) in 2004.

At 39, the clinician is an avid lover of marathon running, he is an outdoors guy who trains for triathlons, participates in running events and hiking. But it’s his ‘day job’ to  provide clinical psychotherapy services to children, adults and families at the Endurance Clinic.  

 “Prior to psychology, I was in fitness, working in a gym. In 2005, I started my own psychology practice, and that’s when I looked at integrating my interests in fitness, sports, health and psychology.”

Living in The Golden State, Nyamora says, ‘mental and physical health are not separate things but people often focus on healing one part of their life over the other.’ Part of his extended work is creating opportunities to expose locals to Kenya through the ‘Run Like a Kenyan…In the Kenya’ program, which takes travelers on a guided trip to Kenya where they can run a marathon or half-marathon.

“I grew up in Kenya in late 1980’s, early 1990’s and my parents were journalists. We came to the USA in 1993. I connected to psychology in college because I initially wanted to understand why politicians tried to control power to the detriment of others. Over time, psychology allowed me to truly understand our complexities and help people live the lives they wanted and overcome the barriers to happiness and health.”

The Endurance Center is a sports and psychology center, Inc. provides triathlon, running training and psychotherapy for children and families, as well as half-marathon, marathon training and psychotherapy for adults.

When it comes to Black men or anyone, Dr. Nyamora says, “if you feel like you need help, just go and find someone and talk to them. Be up front about what your concern is. Don’t hold back about what you need.”

Dr. Nyamora advises clients to give it 2-3 sessions before deciding to change therapists. It’s okay to let the therapist know if you are unhappy with something or want to change therapists. The Endurance Center also offers several classes, from visualization to strength training for runners. For more information visit their website here.


Walker Tisdale is the Executive Editor at and resides in metro Atlanta.

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