March 2016 Healthy Man of the Month

Forty-two year old Daron Lytle started weight training as a teenager while pursuing high school football. A decade later, he participated in his first bodybuilding competition and loved it. He was bit by the bug.

“I was intent to become a professional bodybuilder and got my pro card and now I compete for cash prizes. I typically do two competitions a year because it takes a few months to prepare for each show.”

Managing a full-plate, Lytle is a devoted husband and father, works full-time as a electronics technician as well as competes on the natural bodybuilding circuit.

“I turned pro in 2006, when my wife who was in the military, she got stationed in Belgium and I basically contacted people in the country and got involved in the professional circuit.”

Today, Daron carries 212 pounds on his 5’9 frame. As a natural bodybuilder, Daron says he never uses any performance enhancement drugs. He is keenly aware of what’s popular in the industry and what works for him.

“The body building industry now is trending toward showcasing guys with an attainable look, a classic look, while years ago, it used to focus was on the big, massive bodies.”


The Washington, DC resident says family support during the competition season makes all the difference.

“The support I get from my family makes all the difference. I couldn’t do this otherwise.”

In fact, the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding) has a new division named classic physique to showcase bodybuilders that have a more polished, detailed and obtainable look.

“I believe I fit this division very well.  I’m very excited about getting on that stage and standing next to guys that look more like me.”

To be able to compete on the professional circuit requires funds, and Daron has created a Gofundme page to raise monies airfare, hotel and tanning. See the fundraising page for the details. Below is a video interview from a prior competition.

We are proud to recognize Mr. Daron Lytle as our March 2016 Healthy Man of the Month.


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