Real Talk with Dr. Steve Perry

Dr. Steve Perry is one of today’s most respected educators in America by any measure. He is the Founder and Principal of Capital Prep Magnet School in Hartford, Connecticut. The school is year-round Pre- K through 12th grade that provides students with a rigorous curriculum and college-like experience. He makes it his mission to spread the word on the importance of a quality education.

“The American Education System is the best and worst at times. The best at times because there are still educational entrepreneurs and innovators much like how Marva Collins was. Those people are in the trenches getting it done and trying to make a difference. It is also the worst at times because now more than ever children need access to quality schools.”

And when you speak to a parent, teacher or a legislator, ‘quality education’ is often defined differently; Dr. Perry sees it this way, “Quality education is education that prepares children to be able to read, write, and communicate on grade level. It also provides them with vital soft skills such as humility, gratitude, hard work and creativity, skills that most people want and need in the real world.”

The man known at one time as the ‘most trusted educator’ in the country says there is no excuse to why a child shouldn’t be receiving value in their education when information is so accessible.

“In this day and age with technology, we have access to so much information. It is a teacher’s responsibility to utilize everything that’s out there to impact a child’s learning experience, but also the student needs to take accountability in what they are retaining and do their own research.”

Dr. Perry admits there has been a retention issue throughout school districts over the last decade, especially in predominantly urban areas. In fact, most urban school districts have reported retention issues for the last decade.

“Unfortunately too many teachers are relinquishing in failed school systems, and start to feel burnt out. They give up on it because they feel like it’s not for them.”

When asked what advice would he have for a person considering teaching in public school system today, Dr. Steve Perry advises to “just do it; If teaching is something someone wants to get into I would say go for it, but also be prepared for the challenges that comes with it whether that’s with students, parents, other teachers, or even principals. There are going to be things you have to overcome and that’s with any school systems.”
Get connected with Dr. Perry at his website or @DrSteveperry.


Valerie Ceasar is an undergraduate student at Clayton State University majoring in Healthcare Management. She is originally from Atlanta, Georgia.

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